The good for you, good for the planet energy drink

A sparkling, light and refreshing boost made with real fruit juices and purees.

The Nation’s Most Sustainable Energy Drink

The Nation’s Most Sustainable Energy Drink

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Climate Friendly

SRP $2.99

  • Tasty
  • Sparkling
  • Clean label
  • 120mg caffeine
  • 105mg vitamin C
  • 40 calories
  • 12g total sugar
  • 365 day shelf life

what makes riff Energy+ carbon neutral?

Riff ingredients offset around 66 grams of CO2-eq (carbon dioxide equivalent) per can which means we're absorbing carbon in balance to our emittance.

The many benefits of Coffee Fruit (cascara berry)

Our friends over at help explain why cascara Is good for the planet, coffee farmers, & your health.

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Supporting Supply Chain Economic Equity

Roughly 80% of the world’s coffee is produced by independent farmers that struggle with the burden of coffee fruit (cascara berry) waste. By purchasing their coffee fruit we are increasing their revenue streams and reducing their waste.

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researched food waste reduction

We partnered with Oregon State University to discover opportunities to reduce nutrient rich food waste. Read the in-depth coffee industry environmental impact study white paper to learn more.

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Riff Energy+ is Certified Carbon Neutral!

Riff Energy+ is Certified Carbon Neutral!

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